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1969年的关键元素:《逍遥骑士》、阿波罗 11号登月以及弗兰克•扎帕等音乐人。在50年后,出现了许多唱片合辑、拍卖以及其他方式来纪念这一年。

杏耀平台到了2019年,弗兰克·扎帕正拿着吉他演唱《Peaches en Regalia》,这首歌出自他1969年的专辑《Hot Rats》。自1988年起直至他五年后去世,扎帕都没有再唱过这首歌。而如今,他的全息影像和现实朋友们又一次唱起了这首歌,而且《Hot Rats》也将成为一份打包合辑。

这次名为“弗兰克·扎帕奇异世界”的全息巡演于去年春天开始,《Hot Rats》50周年纪念版则收录了当时录制的所有曲目,并于12月20日上市。它的发行也标志着老专辑大赚特赚的一年接近尾声。2019年发行的其他摇滚经典专辑还包括:披头士的《Abbey Road》、滚石乐队的《Let It Bleed》以及Kinks的《Arthur》(又名《大英帝国的衰败和沉沦》)。然而从许多方面来看,1969年这门生意才刚刚开始,对音乐公司、电视授权方以及拍卖行来说都是如此。

1969年可能被视为20世纪最重要的年份。从阿波罗11号到处于萌芽状态的互联网,从芝麻街到史酷比,它们共同组成了现代社会的DNA。同时,1969年的内容长盛不衰——令人震惊的是,Capitol/UMe推出的《Abbey Road: Super Deluxe Edition》将一张50年前的专辑送上了美国公告牌榜单第三名的位置。



精品音乐管理及咨询公司CAD Management的创始人克雷顿·杜兰特指出:“他们必须想到10年以后的事情,这是最低要求。”(雷斯尼科夫说UMe已经为2019年的纪念活动筹划了25年。)

杜兰特认为现代人听音乐的习惯是主要动力:“流媒体推开了老专辑行业的大门, 1969年这门生意也借着这股东风迅速火热起来。”



Superior Music Publishing的总裁及创始人玛拉·库戈认为这是因为人们依然生活在1969年形成的音乐格局中。她说:“就流行文化而言,这50年很有意思,原因在于我们仍然处在摇滚时代。进入摇滚时代后我们就停在了这里。现在和摇滚乐刚刚出现时并不存在代际差异,人们都在听摇滚乐。”

杏耀平台It’s 2019, and Frank Zappa is shredding on “Peaches en Regalia,” from his 1969 album Hot Rats. He hadn’t played the song live since 1988, five years before his death. But today, he’s a hologram among his real-life collaborators—and Hot Rats is about to be a boxed set.

That hologram tour, “The Bizarre World of Frank Zappa,” ran last spring, and the 50th anniversary edition of Hot Rats, which captures every composition recorded during its sessions, sell onDec. 20. The release marks the end of a lucrative year for back catalogs; among other rock classics, the Beatles’ Abbey Road, the Rolling Stones’ Let It Bleed, and the Kinks’ Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire) were rereleased in 2019. But the 1969 business is, in many ways, just getting started—from music labels to TV licensees to auction houses.

Aside from 1914—the year Gavrilo Princip fired a shot that triggered World War I—1969 could be considered the most important year of the 20th century. From Apollo 11 to the first stirrings of the Internet, from Sesame Street to Scooby-Doo, its events coded the DNA of the modern world. And 1969 content is still evergreen—astonishingly, Capitol/UMe’s Abbey Road: Super Deluxe Edition sent a 50-year-old album to No. 3 on the Billboard Top 200.

“It’s a testament to the public’s unwaning interest in and love for the band,” Bruce Resnikoff, the president and CEO of UMe, tells Fortune. “It’s a fundamental part of our business to ensure that all of our artists and their catalogs are available however music fans consume their music.”

杏耀平台As 1969’s golden anniversary fades into the sunset, many industries are clamoring to stake claims on its 55th, 60th, and 65th anniversaries. “We’re selling people back their memories a little bit,” says Michael Kachko, the SVP of catalog at BMG. “In 2029, it’ll be another great reason to look back. Every 10th nniversary—every fifth, even.”

“They have to think about that 10 years out, bare minimum,” says Clayton Durant, the founder of CAD Management, a boutique music management company and consulting firm. (Resnikoff says that UMe had been plotting last year’s anniversary for 25 years.)

杏耀平台Durant says that modern listening habits are a major driver: “The 1969 business is booming right now because of streaming, which has opened up the back catalog business.”

杏耀平台He’s talking about Woodstock—Back to the Garden: The Definitive 50th Anniversary Archive, Rhino’s 38-disc boxed set that contains almost every note played at the festival, restored to its historical sequence. The label released only 1,969 copies of the box with a whopping $800 price tag. It was a gamble, but Rhino sold every copy—and Durant says they’re playing the long game.

杏耀平台“They just proved that Woodstock can sell massive amounts of high-end merchandise,” he says. “And people are going to hyper-stream a lot of the music that is on the vinyl set. They’re able to make money from a lot of different places that aren’t necessarily the records themselves.”

Mara Kuge, the president and founder of Superior Music Publishing, says this is because we’re still living in the musical landscape that 1969 created. “This 50-year span is interesting as far as pop culture because we’re dealing with the rock era. We entered the rock era, and we stayed there,” she says. “There isn’t that generational divide from when rock started out. Now, all generations listen to rock ‘n’ roll.”

1969年8月,拉斯维加斯International Hotel and Casino门前的艾尔维斯·普雷斯利演唱会广告。

杏耀平台Legacy Recordings在推广《猫王1969现场》打包合辑时就是这么想的。这份合辑收录了这位歌手在拉斯维加斯复出演唱会上的11张唱片。对他来说这一年被低估了,因为他还是一位活力十足、魅力超凡的歌手,和他生命的最后18个月中那个“胖子艾尔维斯”有着天壤之别。

杏耀平台Legacy Recordings的艺人发掘和培训部门主管约翰·杰克逊说,推广《猫王1969现场》不单是为了创造销量,也想让人们在流媒体上更多地听艾尔维斯的歌。



杏耀平台Legacy Recordings kept this in mind while marketing Elvis Presley: Live 1969, an 11-disc boxed set capturing the singer’s comeback shows at Las Vegas’s International Hotel. While the King was struggling to regain commercial momentum in 1969, it was an underrated year for him, as he was still a dynamic, charismatic performer—far from the “fat Elvis” of the last 18 months of his life.

John Jackson, the head of A&R at Legacy, says that Live 1969 wasn’t only meant to move units, but to coax people to stream more Elvis.

“It’s really about how you use this release to drive the whole idea of Elvis,” Jackson explains. “The demographics of people who are streaming Elvis are way below that 35-year-old mark, which is key for getting native digital people into overall Elvis fandom. We’re trying to get those people to stream more Elvis and become more familiar with his career.”

杏耀平台Is there actually a single person in the Western world unfamiliar with Elvis? “You can’t take anything for granted anymore,” Jackson says. “Spotify has ‘oldies’ playlists of music from 2005. Music from [1969] is starting to fade into the background of culture and society’s consciousness. You have to do things to get this stuff back into people’s heads.”






1969 was also big for TV and film

TV and film audiences are ripe for rediscovery, too—on the children’s-show front, both Sesame Street and Scooby-Doo debuted that year. Sesame Street aired a 50th anniversary PBS special; a representative from the show declined to comment for this article. Scooby-Doo rang in its anniversary with the Blu-ray set Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!: The Complete Series, packaged in a cardboard haunted house with collectibles.

杏耀平台Fifty years later, Scooby-Doo is still relevant to our era, a Warner Bros. Home Entertainment spokesperson who declined to be named says. “Up to the present day, there have been continued new productions built around the characters,” the spokesperson notes. “The characters continue to resonate with audiences of all ages.” (Warner Bros. cites a target demographic of collectors ages 35 to 54.)


杏耀平台与此同时,拍卖行Julien’s Auctions于去年12月16日拍卖美国队长摩托的复制品,丹尼斯·霍珀为1969年的经典影片《逍遥骑士》做宣传时骑的就是这辆摩托。制片方发现找不到这辆摩托后,又为这部影片重新造了一辆。尽管没有在银幕上出现过,但估计其成交价将介于8-10万美元。

过去几年,Julien’s Auctions一直在拍出Woodstock音乐节上的物品,比如The Who’s乐队成员凯斯·穆恩的低音鼓蒙皮,吉米·亨德里克斯用过的Fuzz Fac失真单块效果器。该拍卖行总裁及创始人达伦·朱利安说:“显然,Woodstock音乐节组织的不是那么好。许多人都没有把他们的东西保留下来,也没有想到今天这些东西会值这么多钱。”


对收藏者来说,阿波罗11号是1969年的聚宝盆——人类首次登月带来了一些珍贵的东西。RR Auction的公关执行副总裁鲍比·利文斯顿说该拍卖行靠的是小纪念品,比如旗子和散杂货清单,它们“不适合博物馆”,但仍能拍到六位数的价格。


Meanwhile, at a live auction on last Dec. 16, Julien’s Auctions will offer a replica of the “Captain America” motorcycle that Dennis Hopper used in the publicity for the 1969 classic Easy Rider. (When the filmmakers lost access to the bike, they re-created it for the film.) Despite not being shown on-screen, the chopper, it’s estimated, will sell for $80,000 to $100,000.

杏耀平台And in past years, Julien’s Auctions has reliably sold Woodstock artifacts, like Keith Moon of The Who’s bass drumhead and the Fuzz Face distortion pedal Jimi Hendrix played through. “Obviously, Woodstock wasn’t a real organized event,” says Darren Julien, the auction house’s president and founder. “A lot of people didn’t save things thinking that they were going to be worth as much as what they are today.”

And let’s not forget the Apollo 11 moonwalk

To collectors, Apollo 11 is 1969’s golden goose; precious few items from the first moon landing are still out there. Bobby Livingston, the executive vice president of public relations at RR Auction, says that auction houses rely on small mementos, like flown flags and stray checklists, that “aren’t for museums” but still command six figures.

杏耀平台“Since the days of Lindbergh and Earhart, pilots have kept souvenirs of their travels,” he says. “We’ve been selling those things that the astronauts took to space with them.”


杏耀平台2017年,RR Auction以149,841美元的价格拍出卡帝亚送给巴兹·奥尔德林的登月舱金-银模型。拍卖记录显示阿波罗指令舱紧急逃生装置的拍价为147,572美元。被宇航员带上月球并由尼尔·阿姆斯特朗、巴兹·奥尔德林和迈克尔·柯林斯签名的旗子拍出了120,693美元的价格。


在2017年的另一次拍卖中,苏富比拍卖行把RR Auction的阿波罗11号物品最高拍价提高了11倍。尼尔·阿姆斯特朗用过的一个还带有月球尘土的小取样袋拍出了180万美元的价格,而且是在和美国国家航空航天局(NASA)以及联邦法院进行了拉锯战之后。尽管拍价已经令人震惊,但苏富比此前曾经希望其价格达到300-400万美元。这个取样袋后来被盗,但毫不影响这场拍卖引发的争议。











杏耀平台In 2017, RR Auction sold a solid-gold replica of the lunar module that Cartier presented to Buzz Aldrin for $149,841, a rescue arrow pointing out the command module’s escape hatch for $147,572, and a flag taken to the moon and signed by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins for $120,693.

Armstrong and Aldrin walked on the moon’s surface for only two and a half hours—leaving a scarcity of items, which leads to ever higher prices. “People like me, we watched men walk on the moon,” Livingston says. “I saw it with my own two eyes on television among my classmates. The people who were inspired by that went on to create the Internet.”

In another auction that same year, Sotheby’s multiplied RR Auction’s highest Apollo 11 price by 12. A small lunar sample bag, used by Neil Armstrong and with moondust still on it, fetched $1.8 million after a tug-of-war with NASA and federal court. Despite this astronomical price, Sotheby’s was hoping to get $3 million or $4 million, and the sale of the bag, which had been stolen, remains controversial.

“That generation has come into disposable income,” Livingston says. “The prices just keep going up and up and up and up.”

In 2019, we can arguably thank NASA’s innovations for most of our modern conveniences—personal computers, mobile phones, GPS. Given that roughly a dozen countries have little to no Internet access, Durant says that impending global connectivity will bring innumerable new 1969 consumers—Elvis fans, Beatles fans, Hendrix fans, fans of Woodstock, as well as those of NASA and Sesame Street.

杏耀平台“As 5G comes into play, the connectivity of the world is going to increase tenfold—and these legacy acts haven’t even hit international markets yet,” he says. “They’ve only hit the cusp of where they could be because of the scale of digital streaming.

“The 1969 business is never going to die,” Durant declares.

Soon, it will never again be the 50th anniversary of something that happened in the 1960s. But the music, art, and technology 1969 leaves behind all but ensures its own preservation. Kuge is quick to note that there was barely a 1919 business in 1969—no nostalgic ache for piano rolls, or the presidency of Woodrow Wilson. “Our generation wouldn’t have gone that far back with our retro,” she says with a laugh.

When it comes to 1969, we may have only scratched the surface of who can be repackaged, resold, and even resurrected as a hologram. In his 1989 memoir, The Real Frank Zappa Book, Zappa expressed his desire to start a hologram company called I.C.A. (or Inter-Continental Absurdities)—and prophesied that the 2010s would be gripped by “death by nostalgia.”

“In the next quarter century, the nostalgia cycles will be so close together that people will not be able to take a step without being nostalgic for the one they just took,” he wrote. “At that point, everything stops.”

But 50 years later, Zappa’s holographic likeness—and the rest of the 1969 business—shows no signs of stopping.





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